Indonesian Copra Price Today, Quality is the Main Factor

Indonesian Copra Price Today, Quality is the Main Factor

Dried coconut meat is also known as copra. In Indonesia, there are many copra-producing areas. Both for own production and sale to middlemen. Then, what is the Indonesia copra price today?

Good copra is a coconut that is about 300 days old and weighs 3-4 kg. This product is important because it is the raw material for making coconut oil and its derivatives. 

There are several techniques for drying coconut to be used as copra. These techniques include drying with the help of sunlight, drying by fumigation, drying by indirect means.

Drying with the help of sunlight will depend on the weather. When the weather is not good, the possibility of coconut meat will not dry and even grow mushrooms. This will affect the Indonesia copra price today. 

What things can affect the Indonesia copra price today? The first factor is good quality. An easy way to get good quality copra is to choose copra with only 6-7% water content.

Indonesian Copra Price Now

Indonesia Copra
Indonesia Copra

Copra is the market that fluctuates in price, sometimes rising and even falling at the lowest level. If the copra production is high, but demand is low, the price will fall even further. 

On the other hand, if there is a lot of market demand but the production is not comparable, the price of copra can increase several times. The Indonesian copra price today reaches Rp. 7,900 per kg. While the price of copra in the world can reach Rp. 10,000, maybe even more. 

The price of copra in the Surabaya area has reached Rp. 10,500. This price has increased from the previous Rp. 9,500. The results of monitoring, the increase in the price of Indonesian copra is currently still in a good stage.

The price of copra in the Merauke region, Papua, for example, is at Rp. 2,000 per kg. The price of copra in all parts of Indonesia is not the same. This is influenced by many factors, one of which is the quality and quality of copra produced in different regions. 

For example, the quality of copra from North Maluku is different from copra from North Sulawesi. The price of copra from North Maluku is Rp. 4,000 per kg. Meanwhile, copra from North Sulawesi is at Rp. 9,500-15,000/kg. This huge price difference is influenced by the quality of the copra.

Farmers in North Maluku still use the copra drying technique by smoking. Drying with this technique has a weakness that is blackish brown copra. Of course, it will affect the quality that causes consumers to prefer copra with a brighter color. 

Another reason why the current price of Indonesian copra is different, including from North Maluku, is that farmers do not pay attention to the age of the coconut. 

As is well known, the minimum age for coconut to be used as copra is 300 days. If the coconut is less than 300 days old, the risk is that the copra becomes softer and prone to damage during processing. 

The Business of Selling Copra at a High Price

calculate the price of copra
calculate the price of copra

To increase the Indonesian copra price today, farmers must also improve the quality of the copra produced. Farmers and entrepreneurs need to know the quality of the raw material, namely, coconut to be made copra. This can be done starting from the collection of copra raw materials.  

Furthermore, farmers can sort the raw materials for copra from coconut according to the type, size, and age that are the minimum requirements. Then farmers also need to wash the copra and slice the coconut according to the desired shape. When the coconut is clean, store it in a safe and clean warehouse to maintain the quality of the coconut. 

Copra processing that will be done, try to match the interests of customers and produce attractive products. After that, store the copra back in a ready-to-market copra storage warehouse.


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