Get to Know the Kratom Plant Seeds, This is the Origin of the Nutritious Plant

Get to Know the Kratom Plant Seeds, This is the Origin of the Nutritious Plant

Kratom is a plant that is believed to have many benefits for the body. But have you ever thought about how kratom can grow? What do kratom plant seeds or seeds look like, how to cultivate them, and the benefits for health.

If you don’t know the whole thing, start by finding out where the kratom plant came from. This plant comes from a seed of the kratom plant. Then the seeds are cared for and cared for until they grow and can provide benefits to many people.

kratom plant seeds

Kratom Seeds Overview

All plants in this world, come from seeds that are unique to each plant. Especially with the kratom plant which we will be discussing. The kratom plant seeds are stored in something called a pod.

When you want to plant the seeds, don’t follow the pods. But the seeds must first be extracted from the pods. The extraction process is carried out very carefully. Then, allow the kratom seeds to germinate.

For young farmers or even people who have never grown kratom, they may feel confused when they see kratom pods. You will ask what kind of seeds are in those kratom pods. To be able to find out quickly, you need to ask the person who sells the seeds.

You can also see various references to planting kratom plant seeds on Youtube or other applications. It can also be used as a temporary guide in planting kratom for the first time.

Overview of the Kratom Plant

Kratom is a tree that comes from the tropics. In the natural habitat, this tree can grow very tall. Because it comes from the tropics, this tree is not suitable for planting in cold regions. It is possible but must be protected from cold conditions, for example, planted in containers.

It is good for those of you who have a small room, so it is not possible to plant trees that are too tall. Kratom trees can be planted like ornamental plants. That is, taken out of the room in summer and spring, but kept indoors when autumn and winter arrive.

How to Look for Kratom Seeds

Kratom plants are widely grown in Thailand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and some nearby countries. To get the seeds of the kratom plant, you need to look for them in their natural habitat, such as Southeast Asia which is a tropical region.

The kratom tree is a cousin of the coffee tree. To grow a kratom tree, you need to plant fresh seeds. You can search for it in the countries mentioned earlier.

Kratom tree seeds will lose the ability to grow a tree, a few days after seed harvest. So, as much as possible, you buy seeds, moments before your plane leaves the kratom seed-producing country.

In addition, not all seeds will germinate. So it is necessary to plant several seeds at once and take the extract when there are seeds that germinate.

kratom plant

What is the Best Environment for Growing Kratom Seeds?

Kratom plants will thrive in areas where heat and humidity are suitable, such as the tropics. To obtain such conditions, the soil must be high in humus, very fertile for planting, and have a pH of about 5.5-6.5.

The soil should be provided with a consistency that can flow but retain moisture. Make sure the plant is not in a state or condition that is always wet. Because some cases found insects and fungi that perch on kratom plants that are always wet.

For those of you who have never planted kratom, it is recommended not to plant it outdoors first. To be able to grow this plant, you need an environment that is moist, bright, and temperature controlled.

Make sure the plant doesn’t get too much sun. You can use fluorescent lamps to provide light in the room. Other than that, you can use a high-pressure sodium lamp.

A good level of humidity for the growth of kratom ranges from 72-74%. In Sumatra, one of the islands in Indonesia also found the same thing. Their kratom grows well and is fertile.

Alkaloid changes in kratom leaves can be caused by humidity. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the growing environment for kratom, because it is related to the chemical elements in the plant.

Planting a Kratom Tree

Kratom plant seeds are notoriously difficult to grow. So the level of difficulty in multiplying this plant is quite high. Apart from seeds, kratom plants can be produced by cuttings. But both still have a low success rate.

The seeds used must be very fresh. In addition, it is advisable to plant in large quantities at once. This is to increase the chances of getting viable plants.

For planting by cuttings, also often fail. Often, the seeds have fungus and do not grow roots. To try planting by cuttings, note the following.

Place one piece of kratom into a pot that has been moistened, filled with moss, or planting medium. Then cover with a plastic bag. Keep out of direct sunlight, until roots appear.

Occasionally open a plastic bag, so the plants get used to reducing humidity levels. Do it gradually until the pot can be removed from the plastic bag and can get sunlight. Kratom plants need fertile, nitrogen-rich soil.

Besides the kratom plant cannot survive in always wet conditions, this plant is also not recommended in drought conditions. Kratom seedlings also do not need drainage.

Growing kratom does require patience. Because not all processes produce satisfactory output. But never give up on trying to grow this nutritious plant. By having your kratom tree, you can get the benefits whenever you want.

This is an explanation regarding the seeds of the kratom plant that can produce benefits. Follow the tips already mentioned if you want to try growing it.

Make sure your environmental conditions are suitable for growing this plant. You can also ask for knowledge from farmers who have succeeded in multiplying this kratom tree. Make sure you have acquaintances who are experts in kratom cultivation.

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