How To Cure Frozen Shoulder Quickly

How To Cure Frozen Shoulder Quickly

High activity and an unbalanced lifestyle can have an impact on body health. Not a few of these unbalanced conditions cause various disturbances from mild to very disruptive to daily activities. One type of disorder that is commonly felt is a frozen shoulder, which is pain and stiffness in the shoulder area that makes it difficult for the sufferer to move the shoulder joint or upper arm. These complaints can last for several months, even several years. So, what is frozen shoulders and their causes? How to cure a frozen shoulder quickly

What is a Frozen Shoulder?

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If you experience any abnormal symptoms or disturbances in your body, you need to check your health. One of them is if you experience excessive pain in the shoulder. You need to know the causes and how to cure frozen shoulders quickly.

The shoulder is the part of the body with the most flexibility to move compared to other limbs and joints. So, do not be surprised if, the joint in the shoulder is more often injured or disturbed. The main cause of shoulder pain is unbalanced sports activities or too many repetitive overhead activities. There are at least 3 main causes of shoulder pain. Read the following explanation. 

  1. Rotator cuff tendinitis. Usually, this pain radiates in the cavity between the arm bone and shoulder blade. When moving both arms up, this cavity will narrow. The way to check whether there are complaints or not is if you don’t feel sick, then the condition of the rotator cuff is normal. Conversely, if you feel some pain and discomfort, there could be a tear in this part. What if you feel pain in the area? So, the main step you can take is to avoid the movement of raising both arms above your head as much as possible. Until the pain disappears and the inflammation in this part heals on its own.
  2. Second shoulder pain occurs in the capsule or lining of the joint that is in the shoulder. Generally, pain or pain in this part is called a frozen shoulder. The symptom that you will feel is that this wrapping layer will feel thick, hard, and tight. Such conditions certainly greatly limit the motion of the shoulder to do activities comfortably.  Of course, this will be very annoying because every day we need movements that involve both shoulders such as wearing clothes, combing our hair, brushing our teeth, and washing our face. Warm up each time you use both shoulders to open up tight areas. This can reduce excess pain in both shoulders.
  3. Disorders that can attack the third shoulder are nerves that are pinched in the neck. There will be excessive pain from the neck area, to the shoulders, and arms to the fingertips. Even though shoulder movement does not aggravate the condition because the center comes from the neck, of course, because these two parts are on the same joint path, it will cause pain. Pinched nerves in the neck will also get worse if doing movements that involve the shoulders. At first, taking medication can relieve this pain. You need to do physiotherapy. But if within a few months this condition does not improve, it is necessary to have surgery.

How to Cure Frozen Shoulder Quickly and Naturally: Follow These Tips!

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In general, several causes of shoulder pain are overuse of the shoulder and joints, injury, or nerve disorders. Meanwhile, according to research, shoulder pain has nothing to do with heart disease. If you are currently experiencing interference and pain in your shoulder, then you need to be vigilant and take the right treatment. Proper treatment can relieve pain and restore the condition of your shoulder. Apart from consulting an expert doctor, do some of these tips at home.

  1. Take hot water and compress the shoulder. This method is quite effective for reducing pain in the shoulder due to injury or other disorders. The way these hot compress works is by relaxing the shoulder area and reducing the feeling of stiffness. Take a pad and put it in hot water then press it on the painful part. Thus, the flow of blood and oxygen will be smooth.
  2. You can also use ice cubes at home for shoulder treatment. Ice therapy helps numb tissue, reducing pain and inflammation in the shoulder. This method is very suitable for new injuries, immediately do the first treatment using this ice. This step can help you loosen up tight muscles and stiff joints. Wrap a few ice cubes in a soft towel or special tool, then place it on the inflamed area for 20 minutes. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but it will relax you once you get used to it.
  3. Take a bath with salt water. If so far all we know is bathing with plain water or warm water, then you can try it when you feel pain in your shoulder. This salt bath can make the shoulder more relaxed and reduce pain or inflammation in the shoulder effectively. Salt baths help your shoulders avoid stiffness in muscles or joints, increase blood circulation, soothe muscle cramps and help relax the joints of the body.
  4. Effectively stretches the muscles. It will hurt at first, if you have done it several times then you will feel the changes for the better. It is best to start with hot compresses to optimize recovery in tight tendons. This method is very important because it can help reduce pain as well as increase flexibility. Just do simple warm-ups and stretching movements. Do light stretching movements such as raising your arms straight up, then slowly lowering them.
  5. Use the turmeric concoction. Turmeric is very effective against pain, inflammation, and swelling in the shoulder. This nutritious spice is also well-known for helping treat osteoarthritis and joint pain. Mix turmeric powder with coconut oil until evenly distributed. Then apply the turmeric paste to the sore shoulder. We recommend you let it in for at least 30 minutes then you can rinse it well.

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