How I Cured My Osteoarthritis Naturally

How I Cured My Osteoarthritis Naturally

Have you ever heard of a disorder in the body called osteoarthritis? Maybe some of us still feel unfamiliar with the name of this disease. So, osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease, a health condition in which an organ or tissue is related and continues to decline over time. Then what is osteoarthritis? How I cured my osteoarthritis naturally?

Osteoarthritis: Definition, Causes, and Symptoms

Generally, this disease attacks the joints until the joints are damaged and experience a decrease in function. This condition is different from osteoporosis. It makes the bones in the body weak. There are more than 100 types of joint disorders.

However, osteoarthritis is one of the most common. There are more than 32 million adults in the United States experiencing it. There is an age difference that tends to have this disorder. In men, it generally attacks at the age of under 45 years, while cases in adult women attack at the age of 45 years.

Common symptoms in people with osteoarthritis are excessive joint pain, stiffness in the hands, and pain in the knees, neck, and hip area. However, everyone experiences different conditions and levels of severity. There is no way to cure this disorder, but valuable treatment can help reduce the symptoms. In medicine, the symptoms of osteoarthritis can be prevented and cured, although calcification of the joints is very difficult to return to normal.

Sufferers with osteoarthritis need to stay active, maintain a lifestyle and diet so that their body weight is well maintained, and treat osteoarthritis properly. Appropriate treatment steps can prevent the development of this disease, reduce pain, and improve the joint to normal function.

We know that osteoarthritis initially develops from bad joints in the cartilage that functions as a cushion. Even though it doesn’t get worse at one time, sufferers with a diagnosis of osteoarthritis will feel that joint function is getting worse day by day. Osteoarthritis attacks cartilage and then reduces and damaging. The condition of damaged cartilage will make the bones rub against each other.

It attacks the cartilage and joints. As a result, the bone structure will change and the connective tissue will be damaged. Though the function of connective tissue is very crucial. It will no longer be able to connect joints and attach muscles to bones. Not least, sufferers also feel inflammation in the joints.

People with high-risk factors for osteoarthritis need to be aware of the following symptoms to know how I cured my osteoarthritis naturally.

  • Excessive pain in the joints when moving. This pain is also still felt until after the movement is finished.
  • Sufferers will feel stiff when waking up, after a long sitting in silence, or a long time passive with fewer movements.
  • Check if the joint feels tender to touch or pressure. This may be a sign that you have calcification of the joints.
  • One of the other symptoms of osteoarthritis sufferers is a feeling of discomfort because they feel they have lost flexibility in every mobility. If this happens, you will feel that your joint movements are limited and not free.
  • Other symptoms that may appear are a crackling sound when the joint is moved and the serving bones will harden especially in the affected joint area.
  • Severe inflammation will also cause swelling in the painful area. The soft tissue around the inflamed joint will become swollen.

After reading the causes and symptoms as well as the meaning of osteoarthritis, it can be concluded that this disorder requires proper treatment to reduce its symptoms. Then what can be done to reduce pain and maintain joint function?

10 Natural Treatments for Osteoarthritis

A man exercise

Although osteoarthritis cannot be completely cured, there are several ways to improve the symptoms that appear. Besides, medically, there are natural 10 tips that can be tried at home. Check the following explanation of how I cured my osteoarthritis naturally.

  1. The first natural treatment is light exercise such as jogging or walking. This is good for strengthening muscles in painful joint areas and maintaining body health. Exercise can bring good nutrition to the cartilage.
  2. There are other methods for treating osteoarthritis, one of which is by losing weight. Western weight control especially for overweight can slow disease progression and improve symptoms. The way is to pay attention more to daily intake such as the number of calories and do exercises.
  3. Treatment that can be done at home and is very easy is to use hot or cold therapy according to the conditions. You will need to consult an expert about the steps and related information. However, this therapy is believed by many people to be able to relieve certain conditions.
  4. Using supplements extracted from natural vegetables containing the combination of glucosamine and chondroitin. Even though it doesn’t relieve quickly, this combination shows good progress.
  5. There are several types of foods that can help reduce the symptoms and inflammation of osteoarthritis, especially foods that contain omega-3s. Many nutritionists recommend eating more vegetables, grains, fish, and non-trans fats.
  6. Another effort that can be done is by doing acupuncture therapy. The ancient method has been chosen as a cure for symptoms of osteoarthritis.
  7. You can also do massage with a duration of at least 1 hour per week and repeat for up to 8 weeks. This can help reduce pain and stiffness and help you move more freely.
  8. Although it hasn’t been tested for certain, therapy by soaking in warm water full of minerals can relieve pain and make the body more relaxed.
  9. People with osteoarthritis may have trouble sleeping because of the nagging pain. But, do you know? Improving sleep quality can reduce aches and pains in sufferers. Of course, this requires frequent practice. You can relax before going to bed by soaking in warm water, doing massages, and using aromatherapy to make it more comfortable.
  10. In addition to the above methods, you can also do yoga. Yoga is an exercise to focus the mind and movement that relaxes the body and muscles.

Consuming herbal medicines can also be done for people with osteoarthritis. Concocting each herbal plant with special properties for the treatment of osteoarthritis may be very complicated, as there are herbal capsules that are extracted and formulated from plants and herbal ingredients in modern packaging. Montalin can also be used to treat osteoarthritis naturally because the ingredients are suitable for treating the problems of sufferers who have joint disorders.

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