How to Identify Original and Fake Montalin Herbal Capsules

How to Identify Original and Fake Montalin Herbal Capsules

Now there are many sellers of health products and herbal medicines who sell their goods on the market. Thus, the existing health products are also increasingly diverse. Some are local, some are imported from abroad. With so many products on the market, of course, consumers are a little off guard about the origin of the products they buy. Especially if you make purchases online. This loophole is also often used by irresponsible people to distribute products that are not original or counterfeit goods. Here is what you can do to prevent consuming the fake herbal capsule of Montalin. We summarize it in the list of ways to identify Montalin original vs fake.

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Here You Can Use These Lists for Identification

montalin fake

Many people decide to use traditional medicine because of the abundant natural resources. Herbal medicine is not something foreign to the people in the world. Moreover, these medicines are easy to find everywhere, made by yourself, and may have been consumed for generations. Traditional medicinal ingredients formulated from leaves, fruit flowers, and fragrant roots have been trusted and used for treatment and felt their efficacy.

No wonder, if the sale of herbal or traditional medicine continues to shoot up. However, it comes with problems when we consume packaged herbal medicine since too many fake products in the market. Here are the criteria you can consider in identifying Montalin original vs fake.

  • The first is the box, check the box originality. If you are purchasing the original Montalin you can see the box with a full hologram. While for the fake one, you will not see anything related to the hologram. It could be only a plain box in green.
  • The second is about the sealed. You should hold the seal and identify that the seal should in silver with the bee logo inside.
  • Let’s move to the items inside. The packaging per item is full of pressed sealed on all sides. It is very different from the copy product of Montalin where only two or three sides are sealed.
  • The original Montalin uses plastic packaging full of holograms. It gives an original impression rather than plain plastic. It comes in a white snake-like printed and shining capsule.
  • Never forget to check how the product smell. The original products have a mint-like aroma and refreshing while for the fake product you will get no more smell and are just plain.

montalin original vs fake

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So, buyers should be aware of every item in the packaging. Even it is better to get more information first before purchasing. You can buy it in small packages from retail to wholesale, simply just adjust it to your needs.

There are many benefits contained in this product so it is not surprising that this product sells well in the market. Although there are many imitations of this product, you can be sure by checking slowly to differentiate Montalin original vs fake in each specification of the product. You can also contact the stores directly if you receive a counterfeit product. 

Make sure to buy at an official store such as Nusagro to make sure you get the original and best quality product. Do not hesitate to take this herbal capsule. Check there are thousands of testimonials from product users who get the benefits of this product. So, get the products now!

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