How I Cured My de Quervain’s Chronic Syndrome

How I Cured My de Quervain’s Chronic Syndrome

If you are experiencing pain and swelling at the base of your thumb or wrist, you may have De Quervain’s tenosynovitis or de Quervain syndrome. Swelling occurs precisely in the tendons, organs that connect muscles and bones so that they can move properly. This kind of disease certainly interferes with activities and can get worse if not treated immediately. So, how I cured my de Quervain’s syndrome?

In many cases, people are not aware of this syndrome until the disease is in a chronic stage. Medical help will be very helpful, but you can also use safe alternative methods, including using supplements made from herbal ingredients.

Causes of de Quervain’s Syndrome

de Quervain's Chronic Syndrome

The causes of this kind of syndrome are varied. But women aged between 30-50 years are prone to this disease, due to hormones and pregnancy. Jobs or hobbies that involve finger and wrist activity can also trigger this disease. For example, you play tennis or play with gadgets too often.

Aches and pains may develop gradually when a person has de Quervain’s Syndrome. But if left without proper treatment, the pain will get worse, especially when you move your thumb and wrist, or when you grip and pinch. Pain can even radiate to the arms and other limbs.

How to Treat de Quervain’s Syndrome

Many people avoid medical action to treat various kinds of diseases because they don’t want to get side effects from using chemical products. In many cases, many people then rely on herbal medicines. For diseases related to inflammation and blood clots, the use of Montalin from Nusagro is highly recommended.

How I Cured My de Quervain’s Syndrome using Montalin?

This herbal supplement is made from antanan leaves which are efficacious in curing various diseases. This capsule-shaped herbal remedy is effective in treating gout, swollen feet, and stiff muscles, lowering cholesterol levels, destroying blood clots, stabilizing hormones, and various other diseases, including de Quervain’s Syndrome. Montalin can also be relied upon to maintain stamina and endurance so that you can stay healthy in your old age.

Rules for Using Montalin

To support excellent stamina, you can take one montalin capsule every three days. Furthermore, for disease prevention, the recommended dose is two capsules a day. Meanwhile, for the treatment of illness, you can take 2 capsules a day at different times. Please consult with a health professional to get the right dosage recommendations for montalin consumption.

Why Montalin from Nusagro?



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Montalin’s efficacy has been tested and its benefits have been felt by many people. The popularity of this superfood makes it vulnerable to counterfeiting by irresponsible persons. In many cases, consumers lose out because they buy counterfeit Montalin, so they don’t get optimal benefits, and their disease even gets worse.

For this reason, you must make sure to get this product from Nusagro, the supplier that distributes 100 percent Original Montalin. Our company’s reputation and credibility have been highly tested in producing a variety of original and quality herbal products. The good news is that Montalin from Nusagro is also priced at a very affordable price.

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