Types of Kratom

Types of Kratom

Types of kratom – there are many kinds of plant that has benefits for body health. Those kinds of plant also have characteristic and its functions. One of those plants is kratom. Kratom is one of tropical trees native to Southeast Asia.

People in Southeast Asia has been using kratom products for centuries. So that kratom has some other names in every origin country. Other names of kratom are:

  • Biak
  • Thom
  • Thang
  • Ketum
  • Kakum/kakuam

Countries in Southeast Asia that produces kratom are Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Indonesia. People use kratom by utilizing kratom leaves or extract from its leaves. People use this extract as alternative medicine for chronic pain or other conditions.

Furthermore, people also utilize kratom treat depression or anxiety symptoms by themselves. So, that is why many best kratom vendors sell kratom by online to make people consume it in an easy way.

What Are the Types of Kratom?

Some countries in Southeast Asia have different types of kratom plants, namely strains. Kratom strains usually take its names from its places of origin. Each type of kratom strains will also have different effects to the consumer.

  1. Maeng da

First type of kratom strains is Maeng da. It refers to several different types of long-lasting and purportedly strong kratom. The origin country that produces this kratom strain types is Thailand. However, Indonesia and Malaysia also have this kind of kratom strains.

Maeng da has some colors, such as white, green, and red. This kratom strain has some functions. It can be a stimulant, increasing energy while also inducing feelings of well-being and reducing pain. After taking Maeng da, the consumer may be feeling talkative.

  1. Indo Kratom

This types of kratom strains comes from Indonesia. The colors can be white, red, or green. Indo kratom has the less stimulating consideration than other strains, because several types might have effects of mild energizing.

Indo kratom is generally used for relieving pain, promoting feelings of well-being, and increasing relaxation. It also can help anxiety. There are also some types of Indo kratom as the following lists:

  • Sumatra kratom strain

Sumatra kratom has three types of kratom. There are Red Vein Sumatra, Green Vein Sumatra, and White Vein Sumatra. Each type has different effects for health. Red vein can help consumer in reducing pain and overcoming insomnia.

Furthermore, white vein can give the stimulant effects (increase alertness, enthusiasm, and concentration). While green vein can help consumers in relieving pain and increasing energy with moderate effects.

  • Papua Kratom

The origin kratom strains from Papua is Green Papua Kratom. If consumers consume this kind of kratom strain, they will have some effects. Those effects work in pain relief, overcoming depression, calming stomach, and also increasing brain powers.

  • Borneo/ Kalimantan Kratom

Another places in Indonesia, namely Kalimantan or also known as Borneo has some types of kratom strains. Those types are Green Veins, Green Maeng Da, Green Kapuas, White Veins, Green Vein Borneo, Red Veins, Red Vein Borneo, Red Sandays, Yellow Veins, White Vein Borneo, and Bentuagi.

Kratom from Kalimantan also has some benefits for health. Those benefits are to increase mood and self-confidence, increase energy and overcome pain, improve mood and spirit, increase brain capacity and regulates metabolism, and improve enthusiasm.

  • Bali/ Red Vein

Bali also become one of the places that produce kratom strains. The kind of kraton of Bali is Red Vein that can provide effective pain relief. Users believe that by consuming this kind of kratom strain can also relieve depression and chronic pain.

  1. Malaysian Kratom

White, green, and red vein are also involved in Malaysian kratom strains. Users believe that those varieties can provide a balance between sedative effects and stimulating. Besides, it also can be a pain relief, and also increase focus and energy.

  1. Thai Kratom

This kind of kratom strains come from Thailand as one of the kratom countries native. The varieties of kratom are red, white, and green vein. It is available to give good effects for health, such as provide stimulation, and also provide pain relief.

  1. Green Malay Kratom

The last types of kratom strain come from Malaysia, namely Green Malay Kratom. Its color is dark green and can provide energy and focus if users consume it at low doses. However, if users consume Green Malay Kratom at high doses, they will have more sedative effects. It also can be the things that help with anxiety.

How Can Kratom Help Depression and Anxiety?

As the description above that kratom strains can help both depression and also anxiety. It is because kratom is not technically an opioid. Kratom has some effects that are similar to those of opioid. It can be seen as codeine and morphine.

Mytragynine as the active ingredients binds to opioid receptors in the brain. So, it can relieve pain in the body. Kratom users reported that its action may be behind the antidepressant and also anti-anxiety effects.

Besides, consuming kratom can also enhance mood and relieves anxiety. It also might have sedative effects. Furthermore, users claimed that kratom can be the herb medicine that has anti-inflammatory, immunity enhancing, and appetite-suppressing effects.

How to Use Kratom?

Users can ingest Kratom in a variety of forms. It aims to make users feel easy to consume kratoms. These are the following list of kratom forms:

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Tinctures
  • Extracts
  • Gum

However, people can consume kratom leaves straightly. It can be eaten fresh or dried, or boiled and also consumed as a tea. So that is what kratom tea exists and people can purchase it by online.

People can also consume kratom by smoking and vaporizing, though this is less common. However, dried leaves can also be ground up into a powder and ingested. The method of ingestion may influence kratom’s effects.

type of kratom

In sum, kratom is one of the plants that has benefits for people, actually for health. Kratom products can be consumed well if users consider the doses. There are also some types of kratom that needs to be known by users based on their effects to health. So, people can determine what kratom can be consumed.


Kratom Tea

Kratom Tea

Kratom tea – as most of people know that kratom is the kind of plant that has many benefits for health. It is one of herb and traditional medicines that can relieve pain and other pains come to the body. Kratom is one of the plants grow in Southeast countries, like Indonesia, Thailand, and Myanmar.

Nowadays, people can buy kratom products by online. It is because some websites exist to sell and deliver kratom abroad and customers can purchase it in an easy way. People nowadays can consume kratom products  in some forms, like capsules, pills, and powders. Furthermore, there is a kratom tea as one of the easy ways in consuming kratom for better health.

What is Kratom Tea?

Kratom plant has two main part that is necessary to use, one of them is the leaf. Its leaves can be consumed by people in some ways, like kratom tea. Kratom tea comes from kratom leaves that sharped in boiling water. Kratom tea has a stimulant, also known as opioid like effects on the body, yet it depends on the dosage.

The plant that also popular in United States is recommended to consume for everyone. It is safe to be consumed because has good ingredients. Besides, for those who wants to have a body goal, you can consume this kind of tea.

In sum, people can consume in the form of tea by brewing leaves of the kratom tree. People can use kratom tea for various purposes, such as pain relief, its stimulant effects, and also as the component of traditional medicine application.

People also can get the product of kratom in an easy way because nowadays marketplaces has been selling kratom products. Not only marketplaces, but offline stores also provide kratom as their product to sell.

What is The Effect of Consuming Kratom Tea?

Kratom tea use kratom leaves that contains more than 40 active compounds. However, the main components are mitragynine and 7-Hydrxymitragynine. The dosage of that compounds can give some actions upon various receptors in the brain. It may be causing effects similar to those stimulants and opioid pain relievers.

If people consume kratom products in small doses (between 1-5 grams), they will get a stimulant and kratom can appear to increase energy. It might be causing people to feel more alert and social.

Consuming kratom tea in higher doses (between 5-15 grams), it will make kratom appear to have sedative effect. It can be similar to opioid pain relievers (morphine and codeine). People who consume kratom tea in this dose will feel tired, calm, and euphoric.

In the other hand, people who consume kratom tea or kratom products in the higher dosage range, might use it for treating conditions of diarrhea and cough. It also can be used to treat opioid withdrawal symptoms.

However, people are not recommended to consume kratom tea in very high doses above 15 grams. Because it may give kratom’s sedative effects. Besides, kratom in higher dose can cause people who consume it to tole consciousness.

What are Health Benefits from Kratom Tea?

As most people recognize that consuming kratom can get some health benefits. Those benefits are:

  1. Pain relief

This kind of plant can relieve pain because it comes from three different strains. Three kind of the are white vein, green vein, and red vein that are effective relieves for chronic pain.

  1. Mood boosting

Another health benefits from kratom tea are for mood boosting. Kratom products also can help alleviate the withdrawal symptoms of ethanol and morphine. Kratom also can give an antidepressant and a hunger suppressant. Moreover, it lowers corticosterone level in mice.

  1. Libido Enhancement

Some studies also explained that kratom can be as a potential sexual enhancement supplement. It is regarding to the aphrodisiac effects of kratom. Thet is why kratom can be the effective plant based sexual enhancer.

Is Kratom Tea Safe?

Even though kratom is involved into herb medicine that can be used for pain relies, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved it for any medical purposes. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) also has listed kratom as a drug of concern.

On the other hand, countries in Europe, like Lithuania, Denmark, Poland, Latvia, Romania, and Sweden controlled kratom use and possessions. It aims to make sure that people do not use it in a wrong way.

Furthermore, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Australia control kratom use by their narcotic laws. Besides, New Zealand control kratom under its Medicine Amendment Regulation act. Some countries have been done this controlling because there is no evidence shows that kratom is safe or effective for health purpose.

Kratom also has the potential to be abused. It can be addictive and has been linked to some serious health consequences, such as death. There are also some death cases caused by kratom because mixing kratom products with another ingredients.

People or consumer must note that FDA does not control or give the regulation of the dosage or purity of kratom supplements. That is why kratom products may not contain what ingredients listed on the labels.

The Risks and Side Effects of Kratom Tea

Beside having some benefits for health, this product also has risks and side effects as the lists below:

  • Dehydration
  • Weight loss
  • Constipation
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Anorexia
  • Seizures
  • Increased urination
  • Hallucination
  • Psychosis

FDA has also reported that there were 44 death cases by kratom use and abuse .

Regular kratom use may also cause dependence. It is like other opioid (morphine and codeine). It may cause some withdrawal symptoms when people stop taking kratom tea or other kratom products. Kratom withdrawal symptoms as the following lists:

  • Runny nose
  • Emotional changes
  • Aggression
  • Hostility
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Jerky movements
  • Muscle aches

kratom tea

Those all the whole explanation of kratom tea, use, benefits, and side effects for people who consume kratom products. In sum, kratom can be the beneficial product if people use it in the normal doses. However, it can be dangerous if consuming kratom in higher doses or adding another dangerous ingredients to the kratom tea.

What is Kratom?

What is Kratom?

What is kratom? – kratom is included into potential plant. It has a useful tree and leaves for life. The tree can be used as a barrier to river abrasion. Besides, the leaves can be used as traditional medicines and most of it exported in the form of kratom powder.

Kratom can be found in countries of Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, and Burma. In Indonesia, this kind of plant grows a lot in Kalimantan, Sumatera, Sulawesi, and certain areas in Papua.

What is Kratom?

Kratom, (Mitragyna speciosa korth), is a tropical tree indigenous to Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and other areas of Southeast Asia. Kratom is in the same family as the coffee tree (Rubiaceae). The tree reaches heights of 50 feet with a spread of over 15 feet.

  1. Components of kratom

The various benefits offered by kratom leaves cannot be separated from the ingredients in them. Kratom leaves contain at least 40 types of alkaloid compounds, including:

  • Mitragynine
  • 7-hydroxymitragynine
  • Speciociliatine
  • Corynanthidine
  • Speciogynine
  • Paynantheine
  • Mitraphylline

Not only the alkaloid compounds above, kratom leaves also contain antioxidant flavonoids, terpenoids, saponins, polyphenols, and glycosides.

  1. Forms of Kratom

Kratom leaf is generally sold in processed form which is difficult to recognize the shape. Tests were conducted to identify Kratom leaves can be done by botanical and chemical method. Methods botanical sought specific characteristics with microscopic test, and chemically which becomes one of the compounds identifiers are Mitragynine.

People can consume kratom in several forms, such as powders, capsules, and pills. It has purpose to make people consume kratom products in an easy way. People also can choose the type of kratom they need based on the criteria.

  1. How to Buy Kratom

Kratom is promoted as a legal psychoactive product on numerous websites in the U.S. On those websites, topics range from vendors listings, preparation of tea and recommended doses, to alleged medicinal uses, and user reports of drug experiences.

Nowadays, kratom leaves and kratom products can be obtained easily with an online purchase. Some best kratom vendors offers kratom products on their own websites. Customers can choose the type of kratom they want to buy.

What Kratom be Used for?

Kratom leaves have been used in some countries as the following lists:

  1. The use of Kratom in Southeast Asia

Kratom has been used in Southeast Asia for 150 years. It described both a stimulant effect for use in hard day labor when fresh leaves are chewed and an analgesic and relaxing effect if brewed into a tea.

Kratom has been used by natives of Thailand and other regions of Southeast Asia as an herbal drug for decades. Traditionally, kratom was mostly used as a stimulant by Thai and Malaysian laborers and farmers to overcome the burdens of hard work.

Kratom users in Southeast Asia are using kratom to endurance and tolerance to hot and humid climate conditions for manual laborers. Besides, it is also used for medical remedy for a range of symptoms.

  1. The Increase of Kratom in Europe and America

Kratom also exists in other countries outside Southeast Asia. It can be seen from the best kratom vendors online from United States. Countries in Europe and America have some consideration in selling kratom. One of the reasons is because kratom can be a dietary supplement.

Kratom users in the West are using the leaf extract and its varied formulations for a range of health reasons. It relates to mood disorders, chronic pain, or mitigating the withdrawal symptoms of a prescription or illicit drug dependency.

What are the Benefits of Kratom?


benefits of kratom

Kratom leaves have benefits for health. Because they contain various substances, kratom leaves are considered to provide the following benefits, such as:

  1. Increase stamina

Kratom leaf herbal supplements or herbs have long been used as a stamina booster and keep the body from getting tired easily when on the move. This benefit is due to the stimulant effect that kratom leaves have.

Not only increases stamina, the stimulant effect on kratom leaves is also believed to increase alertness, concentration levels, and improve mood.

  1. Overcoming sleep disorders

Some research shows that kratom leaf extract at a dose of 10-25 grams, can have a calming effect and trigger drowsiness. Because of these effects, many people use kratom leaves to deal with complaints of insomnia.

However, until now, kratom leaves have not been proven to be safe and useful for use as a treatment for insomnia. In fact, there are several case reports that state that long-term use of kratom leaves can actually cause insomnia.

  1. Relieves pain

Kratom leaves are also often used as a natural pain reliever. This is due to the alkaloid content in kratom leaves, especially mitragynine and 7-hydroxygynine, which have anti-pain (analgesic) and anti-inflammatory effects.

  1. Relieves anxiety and depression

When used in certain doses, kratom leaves appear to have a sedative effect and work like a sedative or antidepressant. The benefits of kratom leaves are thought to relieve anxiety and depression.

In addition to relieving anxiety and depression disorders, kratom leaves can also treat hallucinations because they have an antipsychotic effect.

What are Side Effects of Kratom?

Although it has many benefits and has the potential to be used as medicine, kratom leaves can actually endanger health and cause side effects. If used inappropriately, kratom leaves can actually cause the following side effects:

  • Nausea
  • Itchy rash
  • Dry mouth
  • Constipation or constipation
  • Urinating frequently
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dehydration
  • Insomnia
  • Seizures

Not only that, kratom leaves can also cause various dangerous side effects, especially if used inappropriately. Under certain conditions, the use of kratom leaves can cause poisoning, liver or kidney damage, brain swelling , cardiac arrest , coma, and even death.

The use of kratom leaves together with certain drugs or supplements can also cause drug interaction effects. Not only that, various studies have also stated that long-term use of kratom appears to have an addictive effect. This effect can cause a person to become addicted to using kratom leaves.

Therefore, weighing the benefits and risks they cause, you should not carelessly use kratom leaves. In addition, now the BPOM has banned the use of kratom leaves as supplements or herbal medicines.

To be safer, you should consult your doctor first if you want to consume kratom leaves, especially if you have a disease or are currently.

What is kratom

That is all the information of what is kratom and its benefits, uses, and side effects. In sum, kratom can be herb medicine to relieve pain and others. You can buy this kind of product by online. However, before consuming kratom for specific reasons, you need to consult with doctor first to make sure the safety.

Best Kratom Vendors

Best Kratom Vendors

Best kratom vendors – Kratom is also known as Mitragyna speciosa is one of the tropical plants found in Southeast Asia, like Indonesia, Thailand, and also Malaysia. This kind of plant has been used for traditional medicines by local society.

It is a plant that has long been known as herbal medicine. This kind of plant has many some benefits, such as for relieving pain, anxiety, and also sleep disorder. However, this herbaceous plant also has the potential to harm health if misused.

In Indonesia, the leaves of kratom are often processed into jamu or herbal teas. Apart from that, kratom is also available in powder and also capsule form. From that point on, it is necessary to recognize the best kratom vendors in 2022.

What are the Benefits of Kratom?

People around the world will always need kratom as medicine. Before recognizing the best kratom vendors in 2022, you may have to know kratom benefits first. The followings are kratom benefits that requires to know:

  • Diarrhea medicine
  • Increase endurance
  • Energy booster
  • Anti-hypertension
  • Prevent and treat depression
  • Prevent diabetes
  • Good for the stomach

Its benefits become the reasons why kratom is popular and needed in the world of health.

7+ Best Kratom Vendors in 2022 and Its Buying Guide

Recognizing the benefits of kratom, people want to purchase it for any reasons, one of that reason is for relieving pain. To purchase kratoms, people need some process to be done. However, people nowadays can buy kratom by online. Here are the following lists of best kratom vendors in 2022:

  • Nusagro

White Bali Kratom Powder

The first kratom vendor recommendation is Nusagro. This kratom vendor comes from Indonesia. As people know that Indonesia is one of the countries that produces kratom. Nusagro offers kratoms in the best high quality for consuments.

Besides, Nusagro is involved in best kratom vendors in Indonesia. It provides various kratom strain variations. The best strain offered in this vendor is the strain of Jongkong. Nusagro provide kratom in big capacity. Consuments can purchase kratom in Nusagro by online.

  • Kraken Kratom

The next recommended kratom vendor is Kraken Kratom. This vendor has the silk-website, low prices, high quality, and exiting offers. That’s why this vendor became the inviting company to deal with.

This vendor has a good service, so the buyers can get the good buying experiences. Its online kratom store provides most typical payment methods, a straightforward checkout process, and an aesthetic pleasing layout website.

Kraken Kratom seems like giving many advantages for their customers. It is because all customers can take advantages of that site, such as “20% off plus free shipping” or another benefits. Kraken Kratom also provides international delivery, so it can be an applicable option for the customer who lives outsides the United States.

The customer does not need to worry about customer services because Kraken Kratom has the fast and friendly support services for customer satisfaction. It means that Kraken Kratom really wants to give a good service to the customers in purchasing kratom at Kraken Kratom by online.

  • Coastline Kratom

Another best kratom vendors in 2022 is Coastline Kratom. Most of customers already believe in this vendor, even though it is a new vendor of kratom. The reasons are because it gives the reasonable pricing, high-quality assurance, approach and behaviors toward the customers.

This kratom vendor has a great compensation policy. Coastline Kratom attempts some best sellers kratom, like Beginner’s Pack, Ultra Enhanced Pack, White Kratom Pack, Red Kratom Pack, Green Kratom Pack, Red Vein Maeng Da Kratom, and Green Vein Malay Kratom.

Coastline Kratom just ship kratom to the states or countries where kratom is legal, such as Indiana, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. It also ships to other countries like Denmark, Myanmar, Burma, Poland, Finlandia, Romania, Thailand, Sweden, South Africa, and Malaysia.

For the payment methods, it offers the number of credit card number, like Visa and MasterCard. It can be made through eCheck. If you are living in the United States, this vendor can be an excellent option.

  • Purkratom

The next best kratom vendors in 2022 is Purkratom. It is located in Florida, USA. This vendor is popular and reliable for purchasing kratom by online. It also gives the customers a price range which fits any budgets.

Some advantages that customers can take off from this vendor is a straightforward website to shop from, an illustrative graphic, and the detailed products inside the website. So that the customers can interested to gain the knowledge and buy kratom.

The difference between Purkratom with other competitor is the variation of kratom itself. Purkratom offers 17 kratom capsule categories and 18 kratom powder categories. So, the customer can choose kratom by its qualities, varieties, and fair prices.

  • Kratomcapsule

To help the customers who is not comfortable in consuming kratom in the powder form, Kratomcapsule produces kratom in the capsule form. It guarantees the high-quality controls and offers high quality easy to consume kratom capsules to their customers.

This vendor also has kratom powder products for the clients who are used to consuming the herb in form of powder. It also helps their customers in this way. Kratmcapsules provides the customers a secure purchase and payment process.

It also gives customers a frequent promo code available with free and fast shipping. So that is why this vendor has most customers.

  • Phytoextractum

Another best kratom vendors in 2022 is Phytoextractum that has been serving kratom for over ten years. This vendor has the most authentic and reliable kratom source online and also gives the good quality consistently.

This vendor also gives a discount coupon available and offers the lowers rates that their competitors. Phytoextractum is really recommended because it has a straightforward buying process and free shipping on all orders priority 1 to 3 days delivery on orders. It also has an excellent market constantly.

  • Sacred Kratom

You can also buy kratom capsules and kratom powders in Sacred Kratom. You do not need to worry about its quality because Sacred Kratom provides the information about the product and its benefit in the online store.

The customers can see the pleasant website of Sacred Kratom and have the secure payment by using Visa, Maestro, Paypal, Delta, and MasterCard. Sacred Kratom offers another product, such as extracts with reasonable prices.

This vendor is very recommended for the kratom burners from worldwide, because Sacred Kratom not only give free shipping to domestic clients, but also for international customers.

  • Happyhippo Kratom

You can also buy kratom in this vendor namely Happyhippo Kratom. This is a different vendor because always has a new and fresh stocks. You will get the good services from this vendor because they respond quickly and politely to the customers.

Happyhippo provides almost all typical payment methods for making the process of buying simple and convenient. The customers can also get 20% discount if pay with bitcoin. It also offers kratom in all categories, from fast, moderate, to slow.

Those are the explanation of the best kratom vendors in 2022. Several things that you need to know before purchasing kratom are the quality, methods of payments, methods of shipping, and details of product. If you have dealt with those aspects, you can buy it either by offline store or online store.

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Kratom Buyers Database

Kratom Buyers Database

Hi Export Friends, I hope you are always healthy, OK?

In this article, we will share a database of kratom buyers from abroad.

These buyers are looking for various types of kratom commodities.

The most important thing could also be for delivery to their country.

Where did Mister Exportir get the kratom buyer database?

White Indo Kratom

We have a trading team that is ready to help UMKM find overseas buyers.

We get these buyers from B2B marketplaces such as Alibaba, Go4world, Tradekey, etc.

Yes, we are already their premium member.

Mister Exporter is not only an export service, but also helps our service users to be able to increase the market and export volume.


  1. We are not responsible if you get losses from the buyer database such as fraud etc.
  2. We don’t know whether the buyer has got the right / suitable seller or not.

Terms & How to Follow Up Buyer

  1. In order not to be fooled, you must be able to analyze these buyers.

Don’t want it if the buyer asks for payment, the goods arrive at the destination port and then get paid. (This is a trap and buyers are not serious)

  1. First of all, make communication first. Are you still looking for kratom products? And others
  2. Make the best offer. Product price Rp…? Export Costs…?

For export fees, please ask our export team +62 812-9031-1909

  1. For those of you who don’t have a product, you can contact our trading team +62 815-7311-6980

How is the legality of kratom?

Health Minister Nila Farid Moeloek, issued a Minister of Health Regulation (PERMENKES) Number 44 of 2019 concerning Changes in the Classification of Narcotics on October 17, 2019.

In Regulation of the Minister of Health Number 44 of 2019, this typical endemic species that grows a lot in Kalimantan soil (kratom) is not included in the Narcotics category.

Regent of Kapuas Hulu, AM Nasir stated,

The central government wants this management to be considered, related to packaging until delivery must be in accordance with procedures. Tribunnews.com (12/8/2019)

How to Export Kratom Via Mister Exportir

  1. Contact us first for consultation regarding the latest kratom export regulations
  2. Documents required MSDS, CIPL, PEB and other documents (if needed)
  3. Send the product to the Mister Exporter’s warehouse
  4. Kratom terms: pure (without a mixture of other ingredients), only powder or powder.
  5. If all the documents are complete, the kratom is ready to be sent


Kratom export shipping regulations will likely always fluctuate. Misterexportir will always comply with applicable regulations.

Please visit our website www.misterexportir.com

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Kratom Buyers Database

Here is a list of kratom buyers from around the world.

We will always update this database. Announcements or information will be shared on our youtube channel.

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1B13USAJin YakotoTelephone 1-8779225783Email:[email protected]kratom
2For Your Health CanadaCanadaDennis JenkinsTelephone 1-226-2807157Email:[email protected]kratom
3Paul SaxUKPaul SaxEmail:[email protected]Kratom Extract
4Munkesnaps Importrunebakken 16 lynge danmark 3540, DenmarkMichael SoerensenTelephone 45-45-26826175Email:[email protected]kratom
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10East Swell ImportsGeneral Trias Cavite , PhilippinesChris Lowther63-915-6444779:[email protected]kratom
11BigBee B.V.,NetherlandsSimon Merten-[email protected]kratom
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